DSA Eugene Statement on Cuba

Eugene Democratic Socialists of America stands in solidarity with the working class of Cuba and demand an end to the cruel, unjust sanctions and blockade. Sanctions never hurt the ruling class. Instead, the working class are forced to endure the brunt of the endless siege. Eugene DSA recognizes the hypocrisy of the United States government… Read more »

Statement against Peter Defazio’s July 30th statement regarding Anarchists

Eugene DSA decries the July 30 statement made by Peter Defazio which calls for the separation and arrest of Anarchists fighting against racial and socioeconomically prejudiced police brutality seen in Eugene and Portland, nationally and around the world. Anarchism is a political philosophy that aims to remove all unnecessary and forced hierarchy in society. Anarchists… Read more »

Statement on Anti-Racism

Eugene DSA stands against the ongoing legacy of white-supremacy entrenched in our society. As Ibram X. Kendi expertly pointed out, racism and capitalism are “conjoined twins.” Thus, we recognize that to challenge capitalism and build working class power, we must directly confront and combat racism. We acknowledge the broad reaches of the history of colonialism… Read more »

The Eugene Democratic Socialists of America oppose war with Iran, recommend fighting US imperialism at home

We the members of the Eugene chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America declare we are, as socialists have been throughout world history, against war, including any war the current administration may be seeking with the people of Iran. As American socialist Eugene Debs who was jailed for opposing WWI said 102 years ago, “The… Read more »

Statement on Police Killing of Charlie Landeros

Eugene DSA extends our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Charlie Landeros, who was gunned down by Eugene Police in front of their daughter at the doors of Cascade Middle School Friday morning. Charlie’s community organizing and commitment to justice touched many lives in the Eugene area, and their absence will be sorely… Read more »

Statement on the Use of Force by Portland Police on August 4th

PRESS RELEASE ___________________________________________________________________ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ___________________________________________________________________ Contact: Eugene Democratic Socialists of America DSAEugene@gmail.com ___________________________________________________________________ Portland police single out leftist protestors, aim lethal weapons at their heads Eugene, OR, August 10, 2018 — Saturday in Portland, Oregon, members from Eugene Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), Portland DSA, Salem DSA and Benton County DSA joined in… Read more »

Statement in Support of Occupy ICE

We, the members of Eugene DSA, proclaim our support for the goals and actions of Occupy ICE PDX. This direct action to blockade ICE’s prison in Portland highlights the contradiction that the City of Portland and the State of Oregon claim to support undocumented immigrants, while they allow ICE to conduct human rights abuses within… Read more »

We’re Co-hosting a Town Hall!

Join us Thursday, January 4 at 6 pm for a town hall to discuss the upcoming vote on Measure 101. Ask questions of your State legislators! Senator James Manning, Senator Lee Beyer, and Representative Julie Fahey will be in attendance to speak about why Measure 101 deserves your Yes vote. This town hall is co-hosted by… Read more »