Statement of Solidarity with the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation

The administration at the University of Oregon has increasingly shifted more work to graduate employees (GEs). GEs do research, teaching, and grading, some of the most important work at the university. However, they remain some of the lowest paid employees. This is why the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation (GTFF), the union representing GEs, deserves a fair contract.

The GTFF has been bargaining for nearly a year now and the UO administration is still giving them a paltry contract offer. The university is providing raises that do not keep up with the cost of inflation, as well as planning to dangerously cut the amount of money it provides for healthcare. 

Meanwhile, the UO administration has given itself multiple raises. UO President Michael Schill received a 9% pay raise for this year, a full three times what the union is asking for GEs. That sets his salary at $720,000 per year, the equivalent of 45 GEs 

Eugene Democratic Socialists of America stands with GTFF in bargaining for good wages and healthcare. If they go on strike we will stand with them on the picket line.