Socialist Feminism & Reproductive Rights

Patriarchal capitalism creates gender oppression. “Breaking the glass ceiling” puts emphasis on the monetary value of working-class women, women of color, and trans people rather than the holistic equality needed in our society. Industries dominated by those who identify as female, such as teaching, nursing and childcare, are undervalued and underpaid. And let’s not forget the thousands of hours of unpaid caregiving, childcare and domestic responsibilities our society places on our femme comrades. Our rights and the subsequent stripping away of reproductive choice is enmeshed with patriarchy’s and capitalism’s need to control how we live our lives. 


As socialists we must support and fight for strong unions that have done the most to equalize wages and power between all genders in the workplace. We must strengthen and safeguard the resources and policies that maintain our socialist feminist vision while also reimagining and implementing institutional and societal change.

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Local Health Services Resources

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Northwest Abortion Access Funds

The Northwest Abortion Access Fund is an abortion fund serving Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska helping people pay for their abortion care, arranging transportation to and from the clinic, and making sure people traveling for care have a safe place to stay.


CAHOOTS (Crisis Assistance Helping Out On The Streets) provides mobile crisis intervention 24/7 in the Eugene-Springfield Metro area. CAHOOTS is dispatched through the Eugene police-fire-ambulance communications center, and within the Springfield urban growth boundary, dispatched through the Springfield non-emergency number. Each team consists of a medic and a crisis worker.

Cascades Abortion Support Collective

Cascades Anbortion Support Collective are a volunteer-run organization in Portland, serving all of Oregon. For FREE, confidential abortion and reproductive health care support please call or text our warm-line and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Occupy Medical

Occupy Medical offers medical, wound care, herbal medicine and emotional support. All services are free. You can choose as many as you would like to use during your visit. Here are some common problems we help with:

Services in Eugene-Springfield for Women, Girls, and AFAB People


Reproductive Health Services 

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Survivor Resources

Body Image and Empowerment


Known Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Eugene/Springfield:


What are Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs)?

CPCs are anti-abortion organizations that lie to, shame, and intentionally mislead pregnant people about their reproductive healthcare options to block them from accessing abortion care. They are not certified healthcare clinics and do not follow privacy laws protecting personal and health information. CPCs advertise as women’s health clinics, sometimes called Pregnancy Resource Centers, that specifically target low-income pregnant people. They use search engine optimization to appear in online searches for abortion clinics. They promise free ultrasounds, STD testing, and family planning services to trick pregnant people into scheduling appointments. Once inside, they lie to patients about abortions, delay and cancel appointments and may employ intimidation tactics to dissuade patients from making an informed choice. Some push folks to put children up for adoption and are well compensated by adoption agencies. They have a financial incentive to encourage pregnant people to carry to term.

National Abortion Access Materials

Socialist Feminism Education

Email or find a time to chat if you want more info on how to get involved in socialist feminism & reproductive rights within the chapter.

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