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 Anti-Racist Resources

Here are some readings you might find helpful:

 *Can’t find what you need at our local library? Make a purchase request here.

Support BIPOC Organizations and Businesses in Eugene, Oregon

Here are some local groups to follow for events and actions:

Here are some local BIPOC-owned businesses to support (original reference list posted on BLAC: Black Led Action Coalition Facebook page and expanded list found on reddit):





Training/ Sports:



Why center anti-racism as an anti-capitalist, democratic socialist organization?

Racism upholds the system of de facto white supremacy in the United States, providing the foundation of ruling class power and dividing working people against each other. Some on the socialist Left have argued that race is a distraction from class struggle, but as Eugene DSA, we recognize that to challenge capitalism and build working class power we must directly confront and combat racism. Read our full chapter statement on anti-racism here.  

Eugene & Oregon’s Racist History

We cannot know what is necessary to get where we want to be unless we know where we have been. Eugene, Oregon, and the rest of the United States (indeed, the world) have an ugly history of racism that we must reckon with. Here are some starting points for learning about that history in our town and state: 

Envisioning Alternatives to Policing